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Welcome, Co-Blogger Hetty!

Hetty and me in Montpellier
Hetty and me in Montpellier

Hetty. You already read here and there something about Hetty. Now I am happy to welcome her as my co-blogger here on modewaerts. Hetty is 24, a busy master student and sometimes she is taken for my twin sister. Sie loves nail polish and owns at least two shoe boxes full of it. Who would be a better contributor for beauty topics?
She is a vegetarian and and will enrichen modewaerts with her tips and recipes. Hetty loves to make things herself and is not afraid to teach herself skiing and knitting. Respect! Because Hetty speaks five languages (Latin is one of them), because she travels internationally (France, Spain, Switzerland) and because she has her eyes on so many blogs, she is the ideal choice for my better half on modewaerts.

Welcome Hetty!



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