Anna, Studio

15 minutes bathmat tutorial


I found this cute vintage bath towel at the secondhand store. I liked the flower bouquet print and the colors. Since there was still the bathmat on my wish list, this was were the towel would go


1) Find a towel
2) Choose the prettiest part of your towel – this will be the face of your bathmat
3) Now fold the towel in a way that you pretty part will be seen – mine is folded in three parts
Make sure that your towel edges are hidden and in a safe place – I find it uncomfortable to step on a thick towel seam that is hidden under the center of my bathmat, you might feel differently
4) Pin the edges
5) Quilt somewhere along the open ends – I sew inside the blue stripes and used a contrasting coulour thread for an visual effect (I think about adding a second seam in a shade of pink similar to the flowers)
Tip: You might want to do a zig-zag-seam for fun
6) Done! Enjoy your bathmat


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