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Birtday list: one month into the game

modewaerts dessert yoghurt mango coconut
modewaerts dessert yoghurt mango coconut

In my birthday list post on March 15 on  I already mentioned Hula Seventys blog and her list ideas then. Now one month after my birthday list I thought it would be fun to share it again checking what I have already done. I find lists extremely useful since I am big on ideas but poor on time-managemt. There are always so many beautiful things to do and try that I can get sidetracked on my goals and needs. So since I am sticking to to-do lists every day and every week plus my birthday list for the year, I am right on track. Well, sort of…

See the edited list…

1  learn how to scuba dive

2  plant my own little balcony garden

make a list of party music and keep it updated made a list of party music from the 50s til today with Hettys help

listen to one song a day that makes me dance and sing I have to remind myself and continue this

5  learn to play a song by heart on the piano

6  learn how to dive-turn while swimming

7  write / finish that book

8  try new veggies cooked with turnip greens (a type of lettuce) on friday, still want to try so many others

go on a trip with my best friend we are going to Prague on monday 🙂

10  do a photo course it’s already past half-time in the course

11  give more handmade gifts

12  build a balcony table (and maybe a dining one too?!)

13  say thank you more often

14  move the blog it’s here on wordpress and you can follow via bloglovin’ and find me on pinterest

15  write at least five posts a week works pretty well so far over at need to continue

16  gain some more self-confidence

17  visit my brother more often

18  get back together with a friend I lost contact with

19  write more cards and e-mails

20  jog/walk three times a week if I don’t feel like going outside I do yoga instead, check

21  learn more about medical plants

22  paint my bike

23  give the blog a make-over since you are here on the wordpress site you see I succeeded

24  bleach stamp pants and a shirt

25  add to my picture wall

26  open an online-shop

27  write to do lists every day and stick to them see above this works really well for me

28  focus on the positive

10 out of 29! Can somebody please give me a high-five? Up to then I will content myself with a pat on the shoulder…

What do you think of birthday lists? Do you have one? What are your goals?


PS: In case you are wondering: modewaerts will be in Hettys hands this week. And she has some fun stuff prepared. Over here at wordpress we will be starting very soon. We will keep youo posted. And you are more than welcome to stop by here and have a look for yourself!

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