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Annas birthday cocktail: Hettisianna

Favourite cocktail Hettisianna
Favourite cocktail Hettisianna

One sunny Sunday not long after I had arrived in France, we were having lunch outside on the patio. I was offered a glass of white wine with a splash of syrup. The French summer cocktail. The meal was nice, conversation funny, the wine went to my head and at the end I felt somewhat knocked out. I went to take a short nap. And woke up again two hours later. Could one glass of wine have possibly knocked me out like that? It was not the wine, it was the syrup. Or the liquid that I took for syrup. It turned out to be Crème de Pamplemousse rose, a syrup-like alcoholic liqueur with 16% alcohol. That can knock a girl out at noon on a warm summer day.

A year and a half later: For my birthday party I wanted a fruity cocktail to loosen the atmosphere. We East-Westphalians can be a bit tight-lipped uncommunicative and since I introduced new friends I wanted everybody to feel at ease. Mainly me. Appearance: The French summer cocktail. In accordance with recipe-creatrice Hetty I decided to add fruit juice for it to become a longer-lasting long-drink.

Easy summer cocktail
Easy summer cocktail

Makes one glass
1 splash of Crème de Pamplemousse
2 splashes of (medium) dry white wine
2 ice cubes
fill with passion fruit juice
a leaf of mint and a slice of star fruit (carambola) to decorate

No need to stir or shake, just add the ingredients in the listed order and… Enjoy!

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