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Camera strap cover in 30 minutes

Camera strap cover
Camera strap cover

Ever since seeing handmade camera straps at the first market ausKoffern I wanted to personalize my camera strap, too. I did not want to go as far as making a whole new strap just add a little touch of me. I still had scraps of my favorite fabric, a purple and lilac coloured paisley print on cotton. Luckily there was still a longish piece left.

Here is what I did

  • Measure the camera strap: it should be 4.5 cm by 45 cm – you might want to double check yours though
  • Double your width to cover the strap completely an add 2 centimeters seam allowance which makes 11 cm in width, add 4 cm in length to make a 49 cm long piece of fabric
  • Mark 11 cm by 49 cm on your fabric and cut
Making a camera strap cover
Making a camera strap cover
  • At the long ends fold twice at one centimeter for a neat seam (the raw edge will be hidden inside the seam) the right / pretty side of the fabric should be face down
  • Sew close to the inner folding line
  • Fold in half along the length of your fabric, face side in
  • Even with a centimeter of seam allowance you might want to sew closer to the raw edge because of the thickness of your strap – you can always go back and make the strap tighter if needed
  • Iron open the seam allowance if you wish
Turning the camera strap cover
Turning the camera strap cover
  • Now turn your strap cover, you might want to use a safety pin for help
  • When turned twist so the seam will be where you want it – mine is the center line inside
  • Bend the thick piece at the end of the strap and secure with the help of an elastic – this is optional, it might work without this step
  • Slide the cover over the strap, keep in mind where you want your long seam to be
  • Reattach the strap to your camera
Handmade camera strap cover
Handmade camera strap cover

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