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Star-spangled Jeans

Star-spangled jeans
Star-spangled jeans

I have been loving what Laura of Tagtraeumerin and Natalie of My little secrets have done to their Jeans. I was up to paint or print on mine, too. I had all sorts of patterns and motifs in my head (yep, there is more to come) but when I was feeling the sudden urge to get to work immediately I had no fabric paint. So what do you do when you are in the mood to create and don‘t have the proper utensils at hand? You keep an open mind and rummage in your craft drawer. – Woah, I feel so organized having a craft drawer that I actually keep my supplies in – What I found was Marabus Fun Liner Glitter – for textiles! – that I had for ages and never used. I found several colours and decided on using silver. Silver actually means silvery sparkles here. This came in handy as I had been thinking of doing stars on my pants.

Details of stars on jeans
Details of stars on jeans

Here is what I used
Clockhouse Jeans by C&A
Silver Fun Liner Glitter
Star-shaped cookie cutter

Then I just got creative and spread stars – some with the help of the cookie cutters shape, some drawn by hand – over my jeans. I left big space in between and did not measure anything because I was going for the real handmade look. The glue dried, the silver glitter stuck to the pants. Love it.

Clad in starry jeans
Clad in starry jeans

Jeans by Clockhouse sweater Ernsting’s Family Necklace by Les créas d`Isa
Lipstick Avon Nail polish 08 Ultimate Pink by essence


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