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Green smoothie love

Green smoothie with field salad
Green smoothie with field salad

In January I was on a green smoothie kick and have been posting several versions that I had tried. Back them I mainly used spinach as my green ingredient. Now I am back with corn or field salad as a smoothie base. I had expected it to taste much „greener“ or to at least taste of the salad but again it just blends in so well with whatever you add, you hardly will hardly notice you are eating vegetables with your fruit smoothie. Unless you skip the fruit and make a veggie smoothie…
Smoothie ingredients
Smoothie ingredients

So when I had leftover mango and squished strawberries I decided to team them with some leaves of field salad and a little lime juice. The result was deliciously convincing. Visual, too.
Making a green smoothie with strawberry and mango
Making a green smoothie with strawberry and mango

Mango-Strawberry-Smoothie with field salad

2 hands full of field salad
1 hand full of strawberries or a cup of strawberry purée
½ mango
A little lemon juice

Delicious homemade smoothie
Delicious homemade smoothie

Peel the mango, cut it in slices, wash the salad and the strawberries and get rid of unwanted stems. Put everything in the blender and add a little water. Easy peasy healthy breakfast in a couple minutes. And the noise will for sure wake you for good.

Earlier on this year I have made smoothies with Pineapple-Topaz and the breakfast smoothie Banana-Granola The Peach-Coconut-Smoothie is like a dessert and described in the same post.

Not green, but also healthy and tasty is a mix of very ripe – and smooth – bananas, apple and a pinch of cinnamon.


1 banana
1 apple
Some water
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of vanilla extract

Dessert smoothie
Dessert smoothie

Peel your banana, wash the apple and cut roughly. Blend the fruit with water and pinches of cinnamon and vanilla. Enjoy!


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