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Homemade einkorn flour bread

Homemade bread
Homemade bread

Making bread at home always seemed very fancy to me. And why should I make it with the selection offered in bakeries here in Germany? Maybe because I have a tendency to feel better when I eat less gluten. My French host family avoided gluten wherever they could and so I discovered many alternatives, one being homemade bread out of Einkorn flour During my first weeks in France I had no idea what kind of flour my host mother used, I just really liked the bread. Yep. Plain breads with hardly any seeds in them are my all-time favorites. And this one does have a very rustic but not to dominant taste. And it‘s easy to make. And even better: you don‘t need a bread machine.

Homemade bread
500 gr of einkorn flower (1.1 pounds)
10 gr of salt (0.35 ounces)
1 sachet of dry yeast (about one ounce)
350 ml of water

Homemade einkorn flower bread
Homemade einkorn flower bread

Mix your flour with salt and yeast, add the water and stir with a large spoon to obtain a sticky dough. You can also mix with your hands. Depending on where you live – yes, seriously – you might need more of less water. Seems weird, but living up by the French Jura mountains the bread texture really depended on the weather. Down here in Germany I am good with 380 ml of tap water. You could replace the einkorn flour with any flour you like you just need to adjust the quantity of water. Start with less and add if needed.

Put your dough in a greased baking dish. And let it sit covered with a kitchen towel for about an hour in a warm spot. It does not like to take a breeze, the bread, so really wrap it nicely. Now, this is easier with the bread machine, which does it by itself. Just make sure to put it on „gluten free“ if your machine allows this.

For us without a bread machine: After an hour wait put your bread in the oven at 200° Celsius for 45 minutes to an hour. Check on it after 45 minutes and see if it has a nice golden brown crust and poke it with the side of a knife to see if it is firm enough. If not, let it bake a bit longer.

Simple bread with Nutella
Simple bread with Nutella

I like my bread with Nutella. What do you like on yours? ~Anna~


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