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Quilted placemats

Quilted placemat
Quilted placemat

When Hetty, her mum and sister and me went to the dutch fabric market I bought these coupon sized fabrics with dots and flowers in blues and lavender tones. I was not quite sure what I was going to do with them but that changed quickly. They have already become a pillow (more of that another day) and these fun and easy placemats. I made two place mats using all four fabrics.
Quilted placemats with dots
Quilted placemats with dots

First I decided which two fabrics would look best together. Then as a template I used my beloved Ikea water hyacinth placemat and added seam allowance as wide as a finger. I cut the two pieces of fabric plus some quilt bating same size as the placemats.

Then I sewed one placemat together with the pretty sides facing each other and the quilt batting circle on top. I left open a stretch of about the width of my hand. I cut of some of the batting close to the seam and then turned the place mat.

Flowery handmade placemat
Flowery handmade placemat

Now the quilting part started. I used thread in different colors. The upper thread matched my upper fabric, the lower my placemats bottom side. I folded the fabric at the open stretch inside and began sewing it together close to the edge. Then I just kept going along the circle shape creating a spiral. I stopped when the circle got too tiny to turn it as quick as I would have needed for the spiral…
Round quilted placemat
Round quilted placemat

By the way: Old bottles make pretty vases. Right now I really like the contrast of the green Nobeltje bottle with the snowball flowers. So springy! And my water carafe is an old bottle with a latch. And the green stuff in my grandmas glass bowl is bear’s garlic pesto, that I will soon show you how to make.


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