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Bear‘s Garlic-Potato-Cake with green Asparagus

Green asparagus with bear's garlic-potato-cake
Green asparagus with bear’s garlic-potato-cake

What‘s for lunch today? We‘re in plain asparagus and bear‘s garlic season, so why not make something involving both? I was just going to put a sticker on my mailbox that I was no longer accepting freebies, when there was an advertising folder from Denn`s Biomarkt They always have mouth-watering pictures, this time I was lucky and they had printed the recipe to the photo I Loved, too. Yeah. Green asparagus. Bear‘s garlic – my herb of the heart right now. Double yeah.

Bear‘s Garlic-Potato-Cake with green Asparagus adapted from Denn`s
Lots of potatoes (500gr)
1 bunch of bear‘s garlic
1 chili
100 gr feta cheese
Some green olives
2 eggs
1 tablespoon of paprika
100 ml liquid cream

As much green asparagus as you like

Bear's garlic with potatoes
Bear’s garlic with potatoes

Wash your potatoes and boil them for 20 minutes in salted water. Wash and chop the bear‘s garlic. Cut the olives and the chili in rings, take out the chili seeds and crumble the feta. Mix eggs, bear‘s garlic, chili, olives and feta with paprika, some salt and pepper, a bit of nutmeg and cream.

Let the potatoes cool down for a while, peel then and slice them. Grease with olive oil a longish baking dish or a casserole and layer potato slices and the egg mixture. Bake at 10° Celsius on air circulation for 35 minutes.

Green asparagus
Green asparagus

While your potato cake is in the oven cook your asparagus. Green asparagus does not need to be peeled – yeah – just cut of the dry ends. Season the asparagus with salt, pepper, a little lemon juice and some nutmeg. Melt some butter as a sauce.

Springy, spicy and unusual for my taste buds. Next time I am going to leave out the chili and use a higher and smaller baking dish so I can layer better and have a real cake. Green asparagus is such a treat, no peeling and still so soft and yummy.

Asparagus the spicy way
Asparagus the spicy way

What‘s your favorite asparagus recipe?


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