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Easy cutlery drawer makeover

Black painted cutlery organizer
Black painted cutlery organizer

What do you see when you look into your cutlery drawer?

A) Nothing special
B) a mess
C) a pop of colour
D) a neat cutlery organizer

If you see D: Congratulations! If it‘s C, it‘s likely that you like what Elsie at A beautiful mess has done, too. She had painted the insides of her kitchen cabinets in bright hues and had me inspired with it. Because I saw B, a mess.

Before the makeover
Before the makeover

After the initial moving in mess of all cutlery and all kitchen utensils just being dumped into the drawer, my friend had given me a small tray insert. This was already way better because I at least had the cutlery at hand immediately. But the rest of the drawer still remained chaotic. Then I went into the basement one day and my eyes hit the old organizers. They were yellowed, a little brittle and supposed to go into the bin. But I gave them a last chance and I am glad I did. Some hard scrubbing, some days in the shower and two coats of black spray paint did the trick. Then I gave away some old knives that I did not like anymore. And I might need to do some more de-cluttering.
After the cutlery organizer makeover
After the cutlery organizer makeover

Now I have a nice looking well sort of organized cutlery drawer with a as-good-as-new organizer. And all of that with some cheapo car spray paint. ~ Anna ~

See my garden chair makeover here and check out some more black (and white and anthra) in my space my gallery wall


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