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DIY sandals

DIY sandals
DIY sandals

Are the best projects those who tend to take forever? I say maybe. This project has been in the making for three years. In numbers: 3 years. 2010. Yes, that was the year I started this blog in. The sandals were featured in issue 5 of Burda Style in 2010. Et je suis tombée amoureuse, I fell in love with them. Now I could not order leather for the soles via the presented shop. I had no hole punch, no leather glue, no shoe twine. But I had an idea, a burning wish to make these sandals and the fabric. That fabric is a matter of the heart, too. You‘ll see.

At that time I was back home from university living with my parents. A job opportunity came up and I moved to Hamburg. And for a long time I forgot about my sandals. Then I was home for a weekend the following year and there were those punch-pliers. I picked them up, reminded of my sandal project. Another year passed, I was now living in France and we visited the Marché de la mode vintage and I finally found leather scraps big enough to make soles.

Making my own sandals
Making my own sandals

Now I did not have my fabric with me, so it took another new year‘s eve to pass and a long winter to start crafting my sandals. And here we are in may 2013, three years after the publication of that Burda magazine for me to have my own simple and handmade sandals. In the end I settled for regular twine to sew them together with and it worked great.

And even now they still provide the tutorial

This has been one of my favorite projects ever. Even though the sandals are a bit too narrow and too long – apparently my Converse are too – these will be the shoes of the summer.

My own handmade sandals
My own handmade sandals

So, do you recognize the fabric? It‘ also my camera strap cover , I also have shorts of that fabric, I am making a waistcoat with it and there will be oven mitts with the very last scraps of this beautiful purple-lilac paisley. Sigh. I really made the best out of my two meters of this… ~Anna~

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