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Tipsy Figs dessert

Tipsy figs
Tipsy figs

Last time Anna and I went to the supermarket, we wanted to buy asparagus. But as it has been too cold round here for too long (who am I telling?), there wasn’t any German asparagus there, yet. So, what were we supposed to do? What we did was something that we did very frequently back ago when we both lived in France: Wander through the supermarket just taking random things and deciding at home what to do with them. There were figs, and pistachios, cranberries and vanilla mousse in our shopping basekt. So obviously we decided to make vanilla mousse and caramelized figs with a cranberry-pistachio topping. Yummy. While at work, we decided to add a little bit of white wine to the figs. So out of our random ingredients we got tipsy figs!
New favorite: Tipsy figs
New favorite: Tipsy figs

Here’s the recipe:
4 ripe figs
– as much as you want. We recommend 3 tablespoons
White Wine
Vanilla Mousse
(shamefully we used a set for this one… so no recipe for this today)

Cut the figs crosswise on top, so that the juice can be soaked up. Cut the pistachios and cranberries into little pieces and mix. Put the honey in a pan and heat it on the stove.

Once the honey has started to melt, put the figs in the pan too and let cook for 5 minutes. Pour a little glass of white wine to the figs and let cook until the sauce gets thicker. The texture we wanted was somewhere between liquid and sticky. In doubt, rather turn off the pan a little bit earlier as the juice thickens again a little bit when cooling down.

Arrange the figs next to the vanilla mousse on a plate and put some of the pistachio-cranberry topping on top.

Vanilla mousse and tipsy figs
Vanilla mousse and tipsy figs

And as those figs are obviously tipsy, but still so yummy, I decided to write a little poem.

What would you do if I had no clue,
would you leave me hungry alone?
Let’s go to the shops
and I’ll find s’thing for you.
Oh, we gonna have dessert together now
Mm, we gonna have tipsy figs
Mm, only with the help of a friend

Even though you might think I was the tipsy one, I wasn’t. It was the figs, d’oh.

P.S. Can you guess which song I had in mind? ~Hetty~


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