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Bear‘s Garlic-Cashew-Pesto

Bear's garlic pesto
Bear’s garlic pesto

Pesto is a summer favorite of mine. Just a slice of bread with the green spread and I am happy. It also serves as a BBQ-Sauce whether you are grilling meat, fish or veggies. As a springy version I like bear‘s garlic moving to basil pesto for the summer.
Making bear's garlic pesto
Making bear’s garlic pesto

Bear‘s Garlic-Cashew-Pesto
1 handfull of cashew nuts
1 bunch of bear‘s garlic
Olive oil
Parmesan cheese or Grana Padano

In a clean plastic bag break up your cashew nuts with a hammer. (Yes, I seriously keep a hammer in my kitchen.) In a little pan fry them softly. Wash the bear‘s garlic and remove the stems. Put the leaves in a blender or hand-held grinder, add some oil and the nuts and blend them to a creamy texture. Add some grated cheese. Olive oil can be added to your taste, the less you take, the more you taste the other ingredients.

Homemade bread with homemade pesto
Homemade bread with homemade pesto

Glad you can‘t smell me… ~Anna~

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