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Tea towel with handwriting

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Handwriting on towels
Handwriting on towels

I fell hard for decorating with handwriting. I have made a canvas with a favorite song of CocoRosie on it, I have the Ikea fabric with numbers written all over it as a curtain, and I just loved what Elsie of A beautiful mess wrote on her wall . For me it all started with Elise and her beautiful handwritten canvas and I am sure this kind of decoration is in my home to stay. There are so many fonts that I like but handwriting is just more personal. Even though it is intimidating at first to write in large letters on any given surface. Then quickly it becomes fun…

And this is how the tea towel started: Hetty told me she wanted to write something on her new – oops, not going to spoil it today. And this set my mind off. Hetty likes this, Anna likes that… Apparently we look so much alike – same phenotype and similar glasses, that’s all – and we do share a lot of interests but we differ on things as well… So here comes my new dish towel to kind of prove it. It is just basic nettle fabric cut to the same size as a dish towel I already own. I did the seams after writing.

Making a tea/dish towel
Making a tea/dish towel

This is what the tea towel -aka the blogger towel – says:
Hetty ❤ A beautiful mess Anna ❤ Chez Larsson Hetty ❤ Mumford and Sons Anna ❤ Ben l'Oncle Soul Hetty ❤ veggies Anna ❤ them too Hetty ❤ dogs Anna ❤ cats Hetty ❤ purple Anna ❤ turqoise Hetty ❤ lilac Anna ❤ peonies Hetty ❤ Die Ärzte Anna ❤ Die toten Hosen Hetty ❤ kir Anna ❤ martini Hetty ❤ White Oleander Anna ❤ Jeux d'Enfants Hetty ❤ Sevilla Anna ❤ Prague Hetty and Anna ❤ modewaerts, la France and Isi ❤
The hearts towel
The hearts towel

Then Hetty inspired me to do a song lyrics towel, too. I voted for "At parties you always find me in the kitchen" because I found the title apt for a dish towel, but then settled for "With a little help from my friends". Which fits both the blog and my kitchen…
The help towel
The help towel

There sure are more links to come when we get deeper into creating our own cocktails. And before you ask if everything's true on the towel: basically yes. Though I do like kir too and Hetty likes martinis as well…

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