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Mint Tea

Homemade peppermint tea
Homemade peppermint tea

Once upon a time a young girl went to Morocco with her friends. Even though the girls didn’t like the very touristy place where hundreds of random people tried to sell them perfume, silk carpets, jewelry, chewing gum and snakes, one thing stayed in their minds. The sweet mint tea they had with the dessert. It was served in little glasses with whole stems of mint in it. It was the most refreshing tea I have ever had on a hot summer day.

Well, this girl was me when I went on a day trip to Tanger with three of my friends. I had actually forgotten about this tea when my host mum in France made the same tea for dessert. Later on, she told me the recipe which I will joyfully present to you now.

Mint tea
Mint tea

Mint Tea
1 liter water
2-3 tea bags of green tea
Some honey
Ca. 5 stems peppermint

Boil the water and pour it into a pot. Put the teabags in and let them brew for 5 minutes. Add the peppermint and let brew for another 5-10 minutes. Every minute, pour the tea into another pot and back. This will help letting it cool down to a nice temperature. It should have about 50°C when you want to drink it.

Fill the tea into small tea glasses and add one teaspoon of honey per glass.

Tea with fresh peppermint
Tea with fresh peppermint

If you want to enjoy this tea in the evening, you can replace the green tea by some herbal tea that goes well with peppermint. One version we have already tried is with Digestion légère by the French brand Elephant (by Lipton).


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