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Peanutbutter Cups

Homemade peanutbutter cups
Homemade peanutbutter cups

It’s still cold and rainy in Germany. That is no fun in terms of wanting to spend more time outside, but it is good for something else: I can post about making peanutbutter cups. They don’t melt in this kind of weather. Plus I still feel like eating chocolate, which is not the case when the temperatures rise. Ok, I admit, I still eat them on warm summer evenings.

Peanutbutter Cups
makes about 20

200 g dark chocolate or couverture
200 g milk chocolate or couverture
Crunchy peanut butter
Hazelnut brittle

Making peanutbutter cups
Making peanutbutter cups

In a pot heat some water, put the milk chocolate in a heat-resistant bowl or cup, and let it melt slowly. Do not let it burn, as happened to us. Pour it into your molds, so that they are filled to about 1/3. Place in the refrigerator.

In another bain-marie let about three tablespoons of peanutbutter get soft. Once the chocolate has set, add a layer of peanutbutter. We tried to keep it in the middle of the cup, which worked sometimes as you can see in the pictures. I do like the layer look, though. Let cool down again.

Delicious two-chocolates peanutbutter cups
Delicious two-chocolates peanutbutter cups

Now heat the dark chocolate in another bowl in water or use leftover milk chocolate to place a lid on your peanutbutter cups. Sprinkle some brittle on. We also used a mixture of cranberries and pistachios on some of our peanutbutter cups. Then we placed them in the fridge for a couple of hours to let them cool down completely.

We were planing to give some of our homemade peanutbutter cups away. But they did not last that long. Withouth bragging: they were so good that we almost ate them all that evening…

Chocolate bars with cranberry-pistachio-topping
Chocolate bars with cranberry-pistachio-topping

With the leftover chocolate me made some chocolate bars with cranberry-pistachio-topping, yummy!
plate peanutbutter cups modewaerts


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