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Handmade doily bowls

Breakfast basket made from doily
Breakfast basket made from doily

Remember that I vowed to give more handmade gifts? This goal for this year of my life is going great and I am having a lot of fun with it. For my friend Kristins birthday I gave her something handmade, something vintage and some flowers. That seems like a magic combination to me and I had a great time assembling the pieces and making her a candle holder and a t-shirt. Some time ago I saw this really cute idea of what to make of doily on the wonderful blog Pays de Merveilles.
Mother's day gift
Mother’s day gift

So this is what my mum got for mother‘s day. Three little bowls of doily. One of them I had dyed earlier on this year and then made into a bowl. The best method is to follow Jessicas instructions over at Pays de Merveilles and make a „glue“ out of water and flour. I used two parts flour, one part water. For small doily two cups of flour mixed with one cup of water will be enough, for larger projects you will need more paste as I did for my bread rolls basket.

For my dyed doilies I tried different methods to produce bowls because the flour/water shows in color. The bowl is not bright white – which doily is anyway? – but rather off-white or eggshell-colored. Which is pretty and fine by me. I am just saying because it does stick best. Use ceramic/glass bowls the size of what you like your doily bowl to become. They should not be to big, the doily will stretch a bit while wet, but it won‘t grow obviously. Check this out for a picture tutorial.

Delicate eye-catcher
Delicate eye-catcher

Wrap your template bowl with wrapping film and cover your working area with plastic bags or newspaper. Let the doily soak a bit in the flour/water glue. Then I found it easiest to just work with my hands. I made sure the doily was entirely covered with the mixture and placed it on the wrapped bowl that was placed upside down. Smooth it down and let it sit and dry for a looong time.

When the doily bowl is dry – usually after a night – gently remove it. You might want to cut the wrapping film to separate the bowls. And you are done. For my mum I placed her favorite chocolates inside one of the bowls. Flowers in another one and more candy in the third. It was all gone before I took the photos…

Doily basket
Doily basket

Isn‘t my breakfast basket adorable? Call me materialist, but I am seriously in love with it.

More doily on modewaerts: my doily pillow


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