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Ballerina makeover

Ballerina makeover
Ballerina makeover

Last year in december I bought a nice pair of dark green ballerinas at H&M. Ballerinas in December? Well, they cost only 5 €, so I didn’t hesitate. But nice sometimes also means boring, so when it came to spring, I didn’t really know anymore why I wanted them in the first place.

But then I saw a ballerina-tutorial on A Beautiful Mess and it featured dark green ballerinas that looked almost exactly as mine. Now I knew what to do with my “nice” ballerinas.

Making striped ballerinas
Making striped ballerinas

I took some duct tape, cut it into long stripes of different widths and taped it across my ballerinas. I carefully paid attention to tape an uneven pattern, but the same one on both shoes. The pattern didn’t go on until the end of the shoe, but ended a little bit earlier.
Ballerina makeover in progress
Ballerina makeover in progress

Next, I took liquid tissue paint in black and applied it with a paint-brush. After finishing, I carefully peeled off the duct tape and let the shoes dry completely (takes about an hour, maybe faster).

The following instruction that was mentioned on my tissue paint jar left me a little bit clueless. It said to iron the textile in order to fix the paint. Quite difficult to iron shoes…. Instead I chose to put them into the oven when my dad wasn’t looking. Five minutes at 150°C circulating air will do. More will probably just melt the sole of your shoe…

Stripey ballerinas
Stripey ballerinas

And there they are, my new pretty ballerinas! Aren’t they beautiful?

Take a look at Annas handmade sandals here!


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