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Quick meal: white asparagus with mint-cottage cheese

Quick meal with asparagus
Quick meal with asparagus

We here in Germany love our asparagus. We go so far as to call it the king of the veggies or the royal vegetable. A typical asparagus meal in my family would consist of cooked white asparagus, potatoes and sauce hollandaise, a buttery creamy yellow sauce. That’s a perfect sunday dinner all through asparagus season which will soon be ending. So let’s take a look at a twist to our usual asparagus routine that I treated myself to. Yep, only I was invited.

First things first: I went with traditional white asparagus, which is the most popular here, and steamed it instead of cooking it. Let me tell you it was great. I got even more of an asparagus taste and more of the vitamins stayed inside the stems instead of escaping to the water. At least that’s what I hope they did. Secondly I did a cold side sauce consisting of a pack of cottage cheese and my homemade salad dressing and some leaves of fresh mint. Ready. Pretty basic, pretty quick.

White asparagus with mint-cottage cheese
250 g white asparagus
200 g cottage cheese
miso salad dressing
a handfull of fresh mint leaves

The royal vegetable
The royal vegetable

Carefully peel your asparagus and steam it for 20 minutes. Chop some mint leaves, mix them with the cottage cheese and some salad dressing. Now set the table, eat a starter and wait for your asparagus to be ready. Alternatively you could write a blogpost, edit some photos or hang the laundry while waiting. Serve the asparagus on bread – i did not take pictures of that part – enjoy… ~Anna~

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