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Summer cocktail: Cucumber Vodka-de

Delicious cucumber cocktail
Delicious cucumber cocktail

Had I not promised you Kir and Martini here ? But Vodka-de (as in vodka plus lemonade) is not bad either, right? And then it gets weird. Cucumber. It does not happen often that I have too many cucumbers. Now it did: three weeks in a row there were cucumbers in my veggie basket And I was not in the mood for cucumber related food. Then I went to visit my brother in Frankfurt and took the cucumbers with me. (I was tempted to name this post “travelling cucumbers”, by the way) Strange, you think? My brother thought so and asked: “So it’s Mojitos tonight?” Not exactly…
Cucumber, lemon syrup and vodka make cucumber vodka-de
Cucumber, lemon syrup and vodka make cucumber vodka-de

Cucumber Vodka-de inspired by Martha Stewart
1 cucumber (may be older and a bit soft already)
1 twig of mint
2 tablespoons mint-lemon-syrup
Chilled sparkling water

Peel the cucumber and puree it with a blender. Now put one tablespoon of this into a tumbler, add a shot of vodka, two tablespoons of mint-lemonade and some mint leaves. Add as much ice as you fancy. Fill up with sparkling water.

This could be a new summer classic. And it’s so amazingly hot over here while I am writing this. If it’s not summer anymore or raining where you are, this is summer at heart.

Cucumber Vodka-de
Cucumber Vodka-de

PS: This works great as a mocktail, too. Just skip the vodka. It‘s perfect, I promise.

PPS: If you have cucumber puree leftovers, put them in an ice cube tray and make cucumber ice cubes! They will come in handy next time you make gazpacho or this coocktail again…


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