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Make your own lipgloss

Homemade lip balm
Homemade lip balm

I think it all started when my friend Sarah told me she only ever uses vaseline for lipcare. Then I read how easy it was to make lipgloss by combining vaseline and old lipstick. I tried and now swear by my homemade lipbalm as well. It’s soft and smoothes without being sticky, smeary or too glossy. My lips get a natural radiance and feel nice. My aunt, whom I gifted a tiny jar to, loves it, too. Now it’s your turn to try.
Making lip balm
Making lip balm


little containers (travel size kits provide mini jars or you use old sample containers)

In a bain marie heat about one teaspoon of vaseline per jar. Cut the lipstick in pieces and add them to the vaseline. Heat the mixture slowly and stir every now and then. When it is liquefied pour in the little containers and don’t move until it has set. If you find a way to prevent the color lipstick particles from sinking to the bottom, do tell me, please!

Selfmade glossy lip care
Selfmade glossy lip care

Now I would like to experiment with different lipstick colors – ones that I don’t use anymore obviously or samples! And how fun it would be to test other oily ingredients – think shea butter..! – and in my opinion my beloved coconut oil should work too! ~Anna~


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