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Painting on drinking glasses

Handpainted drinking glasses
Handpainted drinking glasses

When I think of painting on glass, I think of christmas ornaments with tiny handpainted skiers, snowy mountains and christmas trees or of glass art from Murano. A couple of days ago that changed…

My friend Janna had invited me for breakfast – and for a surprise activity. I had no clue what we were going to do other than that it would be a diy. After we had cleared the table che got a whole bunch, and I mean really a lot, of glasses and lots of glass paint colors out. My first time glass painting! We had so much fun taking turns in paiting and watching the other one paint. The beautifully simple cup shapes gave much inspiration already in what or how to paint the glasses. Paint is not expensive Janna told me and you can get pretty yet reasonably priced cups.


I made glasses to drink from and also tea light holders. They will be so pretty on summer evenings on the balcony! Thanks Janna for introducing me to the beautiful art of glass decoration!
Candle holder glasses selfpainted
Candle holder glasses selfpainted


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