Anna, en route

Magical place: Pays de Gex

Vapor trails over Pays de Gex
Vapor trails over Pays de Gex

It has been a while since I last wrote about a magical place! The last one was Hettys magical place Sevilla, before I had shown you Marrakesh and Marseille Todays place is where I am at right now, my home for a year when I was an au pair, the beautiful Pays de Gex, France bordering on Switzerlands Geneva and canton Vaud.
On its one side there are the french Jura mountains, on the other side – with a bit of crossing through Switzerland – there is Lake Geneva, lac leman. The upper photo I took in the beginning of june 2012 at seven in the morning. The one below just a couple of days later at the same time. For me they capture the beauty of the Jura mountains. I say that, always having been a sea kind of girl. Then there was the Lake Geneva region and I was transformed. It’s great to be back! ~Anna~
Jura mountains
Jura mountains

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