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Rhubarb jelly made with Agar Agar

Homemade rhubarb jelly
Homemade rhubarb jelly

The more I learn about things I can make myself, the more I try and experiment. So I was wondering how marmelade was made back in the days before there was jelly sugar. I found this blog where different methods had been tested, some approved some not so much. My mum told me about an old lady who made her jams and jellies by just adding sugar to the cooked fruit, but I was not ready for that. And suspicious that it might not work with my strawberry-rhubarb mix. My goal was to reduce artificial stuff from my jelly, hence I could still use Agar Agar, which comes from algae. I prepared ruharbar and a basket of strawberries, added little sugar, vanilla and Agar Agar. It did jell, it is very fruity but the amount of sugar was just not enough.
Jelly with rhubarb from the garden
Jelly with rhubarb from the garden

Second try. Eight thick rhubarb stalks. A little water. Some vanilla. Half a package of sugar. A teaspoon of Agar Agar.

Wash the rhubarb, cut into pieces. The smaller you cut, the shorter the time cooking it. Put into a pan with a little water, heat, turn off when boiling and put on a lid. Stir and add vanilla to your taste. Let cool down. When the mixture is cold – I did this the following day – add a tablespoon of Agar Agar, mix well, bring to cook and meanwhile add your sugar. Now I advise you to take more than two tablespoons but less than 500 g. Somewhere in between it the right amount I haven’t quite figured out… So this is not a recipe, just sharing my experience.

Sweet little breakfast with rhubarb jelly
Sweet little breakfast with rhubarb jelly

My jelly has turned out great in terms of setting. I don’t taste the Agar Agar at all, the jelly is just very sweet but that can be adjusted. I will be glad to share more Agar Agar experience, until then check out my apple jelly ~Anna~


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