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Dotted top made with bleach

Dancing polka dots
Dancing polka dots

I am nowhere near petite but big children’s sizes still fit me. So when I found a dottet t-shirt at C&A Clockhouse and then the plain version for two euros less in the kids department, I figured I’ll diy my dot top. And I was going to do, what had been on my mind for a while: bleach.

T-Shirt, washed and dry
bleach (I used Chlorix)
wine cork
paint brush (preferrably old, since you won’t be able to use it anymore afterwards)
a little plastic container
cardboard or a plastic bag

Polka dots top
Polka dots top

Imagine your finished t-shirt, how far apart do you want your dots to be? Do you want it neat or messy? Now measure and mark the spots for the dots or go straight to the next step. Insert a plastic bag or a piece of cardboard, for example a box of cereal folded flat, to avoid the bleach to go through to the other side of the fabric.

Pour a little bleach in a plastic container or a bowl and dip the cork into the bleach and stamp on your t-shirt. Follow your marked dots or do a messy, confetti-like allover print as you please. In some places there will not be enough bleach so go back and redo those dots with the brush. The bleach may bleed a bit, which is cool, too. Let dry.

Stamping with bleach
Stamping with bleach

When your top is dry you will see how much the bleach has already done. If you like your result put the t-shirt in the washing machine and re-emerge will your new dotted top.
I wanted a more visible result and did a second layer of bleach applied with the paint brush. If you do this be sure to let the bleach on the shirt dry completely before washing it. How fun was that?
Customizing a t-shirt with bleach
Customizing a t-shirt with bleach

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