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Oh my sweetness: Elderflower syrup

Elderflowers waiting to be prepared
Elderflowers waiting to be prepared

I was so excited when Hetty told me a fellow student of her wanted to know how to make elderflower syrup! Oh my, a request! It fell in the same time that my parents neighbour wanted to cut his elderflowers and asked them to take some. Double yeag! My parents like to make elderflower jelly, which we have already successfully used as base for the Hugo cocktail. But you can also simply make elderflower syrup as your cocktail base. It is so sweet and sort of flowery. Duh.
Oh, sweet flower of mine
Oh, sweet flower of mine

For this syrup you obviously need the flowers of the elderflower tree. Is it really a tree? Or more of a giant shrub? I do not know. What I know is that this syrup turned out great and made the whole kitchen smell heavenly. While preparing the syrup I could not think of the English word for elderflower. So while I was making the syrup and writing this article in my mind, I kept calling it “hollister syrup”… You guessed it already, the german name is closer to that. It’s Holunder. Anyway, now, lets get to how to make your own elderflower syrup.

Elderflower syrup

4 stems with elderflowers
1 cup of brown sugar
1 cup of water


Mix sugar and water in a sauce pan or a pot and put in your elderflowers. Heat slowly and stir. When the sugar has completely dissolved turn down the heat and let the syrup cool. Pour through a sieve or a filter into your cocktail glass, a sterilized jar or a cup according to when you want to use your elderflower syrup. For later use store in an airtight container.

Refrigerated in an airtight container, like a sterilized jam jar, the elderflower syrup should be ok to consume for two weeks. If you, like me, turn of your fridge and go on a two weeks trip, you might come home to a slightly gone off syrup. I’m just sayin…

Making elderflower syrup
Making elderflower syrup

What kinds of syrup do you want to make this summer? And what are you using them for? Love to hear from you!

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