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Easy & delicious: Pastry pizza with tomatoes and goat’s cheese

Veggie of the month july: the tomato
Veggie of the month july: the tomato

It’s july (yep, I noticed, it has been for more than a week already). And it’s time to get back on track with a new veggie of the month – after the long winter had messed up our asparagus schedule… For me now that it is tomato time, it is summer. Yeah. When there are local tomatoes I feel really summery and really lucky. Now is my favorite time of the year and this time it is even more special because my first ever tomato plants are looking happy on the balcony. What more could a girl ask for then homegrown tomatoes for dinner?

Easy and delicious
Easy and delicious

Tomatoes make me happy. And just think of all the varities there are! My happiness comes in so many sizes, shapes and colors. Green Tomatoes is not only a movie title, cherry tomatoes are way more appealing to me than their namesake cherries and coer de boeuf has not much to do with an ox’s heart. At least for what I know. So come with me this month to explore the world of tomatoes. Let’s just cross our fingers, my own yellow and cherry tomatoes will be ready by the end july…
Making pastry pizza with tomatoes
Making pastry pizza with tomatoes

Pastry pizza with goat’s cheese
1 roll or sheet of ready-made pastry
1 container of goat’s cheese ( I like Chavroux Rosmary and Thym)
1 container of cherry tomatoes
spinach leaves or salad

On a piece of parchment paper place and roll out the pastry. Spread the goat’s cheese and scatter the washed cherry tomatoes. Wash the spinach leaves and tear of the the branches and spread them lightly around the tomatoes. You might want to slightly push them into the goat’s cheese topping.

Bake at 180 ° Celsius for 20 minutes or consult the pastry wrapping.

Goat's cheese and tomatoes make this super simple pizza
Goat’s cheese and tomatoes make this super simple pizza

This is a super easy and almost no work involving summer feast, nevertheless light and tasty and you don’t have to stay inside the house for much longer than five minutes for preparations. So shoo, shoo, out with you into the garden, backyard, park and onto the balcony, patio … you name it!
Yummy goat's cheese tomato pizza
Yummy goat’s cheese tomato pizza

This summer I want to give new tomato recipes a try. What’s your favorite way to eat tomatoes? ~Anna~

Want a homemade pizza dough or a green pizza? Check out Pizza Verde


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