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Black & White: Customized pin board

Black & White plus Red: Pin board make over
Black & White plus Red: Pin board make over

Lately it happened quite often that I gave something away and then, just a couple of days later, I had THE idea how I could have made it over. Seems like I broke the spell now! The ugly magnetic pin board had been hanging around forever. After I had cleared it from notes and magnets and pushpins last year I did not even know if I wanted to bring it to my new apartment. Luckily I did. Curtain for the awesome Ikea fabric with spelled out numbers called Britten

Makin of pin board customizing
Makin of pin board customizing

1 pin board
spray mount
a knife with a flat tip and a really sharp knife

optional: paint

Start with painting your pin board frame if you wish to do so. I painted mine in anthracit, the same hue as my picture frames. Then measure your fabric to fit the inner dimensions of the pin board plus add about five milimeters and cut. When the paint has completely dried spray glue on the pin board and place the piece of fabric quickly onto it. Tipp: use spray mount that is repositionable. Smooth carefully all bumps and bubbles to the sides.

DIY pin board redesign
DIY pin board redesign

In the next step put glue into the inner edges of the pin board frame under the fabric. You might need to lift it up again a bit. With the tip of knife A push the fabric under the frame in the slit between wood and the actual pin board (i.e. the magnetic surface). Let dry and cut of lapping fabric with the sharp knife. Finished. Easy, right? How about also covering some basic magnets with fabric? It’s a mess but looks oh so cute…

Pretty little pin board
Pretty little pin board

Yeah, another home decor project accomplished! Plus: this is pretty and practical all in one.

Now, back to work: so many ideas so little time ~Anna~


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