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Gazpacho Jamie Oliver Style


Summer, sun, heat, tomatoes, Jamie Oliver. Find the word that does not fit with the others! Found an intruder? Not? Well, there is none. Last summer at the library I found Jamie Olivers cookbook Food Escapes on the shelves. I carried the heavy thing home even though it was terribly hot outside, the book weighed like a stone and I did not even have a kitchen. But inspiring photography, simple recipes and everyday ingredients sealed the deal for me. I spent hours flipping the pages and marvelling over the content. Last week it was finally hot enough again to make me want to try one of his recipes: Gazpacho!

Making gazpacho
Making gazpacho

I had made gazpacho before, but none of the recipes was as simple (and it really does not take a lot) and good as this. My version is very savoury with a strong onion taste, yum!

Gazpacho you can see the original recipe here

2 old bread rolls
3 very ripe tomatoes
1 ripe cucumber
2 cloves garlic
1 white onion
some radish

Cut the bread rolls and soak them in some water, I also added a splash of olive oil. I did not feel like unpeeling my tomatoes so I just washed them, cut of the core and cut them in rough parts. Peel the cucumber and cut it roughly as well, clean the radish and get rid of the green parts, peel garlic and onion.

My version of Jamie Olivers gazpacho
My version of Jamie Olivers gazpacho

Put all ingredients in a blender with the bread on top. Add some olive oil and blend. Salt and pepper to your taste. Now it’s time to add some ice cold water. I put the gazpacho into the fridge for a moment and since I still had some cucumber icecubes from Cucumber Vodka-de I added them for a) cooling and b) a cute pop of color.

Before serving you could drizzle on some olive oil or spinkle some sugar. Do as you please…

Saying that: this gazpacho was so appreciated, it became both appetizer and dessert during one meal! ~Anna~


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