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What Granny taught me: Soap-Bags

My soap bag
My soap bag

Do you ever wonder what to do with those thin slimy soap pieces that are left of the end of a soap bar? My grandma had a very neat thing in her bathroom: a little net bag filled with all these little soap left-overs. I still remember her bag being orange with a white plastic cord and smelling heavenly from a mixture of different soap perfumes. Granny was a clever lady.

I tried to recreate her soap bag and found out two things: no more need for body scrub, the bag just does the job. And bye bye liquid soap, I just love the mousse my soap bag makes. Also you probably have all it takes to make this at home.

Laundry bag goes body scrub
Laundry bag goes body scrub

You’ll need
a little laundry bag for the washing machine bag (the finer the better)
soaps or soap left-overs

For the photo I used a bag which is like a net. If you take a finer bag, more like a mesh, it will be softer to your skin and still scrub off dead skin. You put the soaps in, close the bag and make a knot – only for the beauty of it. Now your soap bag is ready for use.

You could also give the soap a stroke with the hammer to smash it up a bit… ~Anna~


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