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Cute Tomatoes: Ladybug crackers

Ladybug crackers
Ladybug crackers

Ten little ladybugs are sitting on a tree, one flies away, how many can you see….?
Sometimes we just love things that are not really meant to be for our age…. Maybe it’s because we’re Au Pairs (practically not anymore, but always in mind ;-)) So when we saw these cute crackers on Pinterest, we just had to make them…

Making ladybug crackers
Making ladybug crackers

What you need
A pack of salted crackers
Cream cheese (with our without herbs)
Small tomatoes (cherry tomatoes will do very well)
Black olives without the stone
Balsamico cream

Put some cream cheese on the crackers. Cut the tomatoes and the olives in halves. Place the tomatoes on the crackers, slightly off the middle. Add the olives at the end where there’s more space left. Apply little dots with the balsamico cream on the tomatoes. Add some chive as feelers. Enjoy!

Tomatoes, olives, chive make ladybugs
Tomatoes, olives, chive make ladybugs

PS: The original recipe is taken from here ~Hetty~


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