Precious memories
Anna, Studio

Making a postcard leporello

Peonies and a leporello
Peonies and a leporello

Making a what? Leporellos are zigzag paperworms that can be picture books, storylines or postcards taped together as a souvenir of places you went to. Want one? Here it goes…

Precious memories
Precious memories

I always buy more postcards then I send and I love to bring them home and display the most beautiful one to remember the good time I had. I have a transparent “shower curtain” on my wall to showcase my favourites. But having them flat on the wall can get a bit boring after a while. A more fun way of exhibiting your cards is a leporello.
Leporello as a personlized gift idea
Leporello as a personlized gift idea

You will need

clear tape or a fun washi tape
at least three postcards – I recommend more
10 minutes time

How to?
Cut a strap of tape the length (of the short side) of your postcard. Carefully place it lengthwise on the backside of the card so that one hald is stuck to the postcard backside. Lay the card flat on the table with the sticky tapeside facing you and place the side of the second card on it in a 90 degree angle – sounds more complicated than it is… This will give your leporello flexibility to zigzag and it allows you to fold it flat in case you want to mail it to someone special! Think collected valentine’s cards or birthday wishes or family photos. The possibilities are endless!

Decorating with holiday souvenirs
Decorating with holiday souvenirs

For the next card in line put the tape in front of the card in order to fold it back to create a true zigzag shape. You might want to rehearse (big word for a small thing that makes a huge impact?) without tape. Any questions? Feel free to ask me! Hope you enjoy! ~Anna~

Think you saw this leporello already? True. Here it was…

PS: Can you guess where I have been?


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