Little tomato hearts
Hetty, Kitchen

I taste summer: Coeur de Boeuf salad with yoghurt-mint dressing

Coeur de boeuf tomato salad
Coeur de boeuf tomato salad

Bull’s heart??? Are we suddenly switching from healthy vegetarianism to being bloody meat lovers? No no no. Don’t worry, keep calm and eat salad. Cœur de beuf is a tomato sort, which is a very nice alternative to the usual tomatoes you get round here in the supermarkets.

As I’m not a fan of pure tomato salad, I made tomato-cucumber salad with mint and a yoghurt-mint dressing.

A minty yoghurt dressing
A minty yoghurt dressing

Here’s what you need for 2 people

2 Coeur de beuf tomatoes (they’re quite big)
1 cucumber
some mint leaves
plain yoghurt (I took a version with 1,5% fat as this one is not as thick)
oil and vinegar
salt and pepper

Wash the tomatoes, the cucumber and the mint leaves. Chop the cucumber and cut the tomatoes into little pieces. If you’re lucky, they will form little hearts, just like mine did. Chop the mint.

Coeur de boeuf and cucumber salad
Coeur de boeuf and cucumber salad

Mix all the ingredients, just leave a little mint at the side for the dressing. Add some oil and vinegar and season with salt and pepper.

Mix the yoghurt with the leftover mint and add some salt and pepper as well.

Enjoy your salad either with the dressing directly poured over it or at the side. I had mine with the dressing at the side and some extra pita bread.

Little tomato hearts
Little tomato hearts

So, how do you like the bull’s heart salad? ~Hetty~


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