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The Granny-Dress

The Granny-Dress
The Granny-Dress

While looking through my clothes, sorting out items to sell and others to donate, I found a full circle flared skirt, a floral top and a mint coloured cardigan that would be a perfect match that I had never thought about. Now I did not like to wear those clothes seperately anymore but I wondered if a second life as a combination would make me wear them again. Some lace in ribbon form and emerald colored thread entered the stage and here is what happened…

Lace around the neck
Lace around the neck

I folded the sleeves of the cardigan back to a 3/4 length and sewed lace around it the folding line on top of the bulk of knitwear. Then I folded the lace back down to cover the seam. In the next step I lay two folds in the back of the cardigan neckline and applied lace around the neck. Again I put the the pretty lace edge facing up – towards the neck – and folded it back down after sewing.
The cat lady
The cat lady

Then I attached the top to the skirt. The skirt goes rather high to the waist, the top has been pretty short with all the washing and wearing in the last – is it really possible? – ten years. I just let the top and skirt overlap two fingers wide, with the top inside the skirt and sewed on the right side of the skirt with the emerald thread. Since the skirt consists over several pieces with vertical seams, I am also planning to quilt along those seams at the sewing machines presser food width on both sides of the seam to give it more detail.
That’s it, my new outfit from old items.

Now I wear my granny dress with a satin ribbon around the waist. Beige and different hues of green work great.
What’s your next make over project? ~Anna~


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