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Tomato in heaven with caramel and cream cheese

Sweet meets savoury tomato appetizer
Sweet meets savoury tomato appetizer

This has got to be the best appetizer I have ever eaten! I have never tasted anything similar, the only thing Hetty could compare it to were bread rolls with seeds. So try to prepare your taste buds for this: Caramelized tomatoes. Imagine sweet caramel from honey and brown sugar, the inexplicable goodness of cherry tomatoes and the healthy crunch of poppy seeds and sesame and then add a creamy savoury dip. Too good to be true? Wait until you taste it!

Cherry tomatoes with seeds
Cherry tomatoes with seeds

I was browsing the Marie Claire Idées website – I am currently obsessed with the magazine, the summer issue has got me inspired from toenails to hair root, haha – when I stumbled over the recipe: Tomates cerises au caramel et chantilly salée, oh là là! This had to be tried asap. For those of you who speak French: I substituted créme epaisse (heavy cream) for Quark and sour cream. For the part of the world that does not have Quark, try cream cheese (or curd cheese) and sour cream.

What else? I put the tomatoes for about two minutes into the pan with the hot caramel because I LOVE warm tomatoes and the sweetness they get. Ok, let’s get to work.

Sweets and seeds
Sweets and seeds

Caramelized cherry tomatoes
15 cherry tomatoes or more
sesame seeds
poppy seeds
5 tablespoons brown sugar
1 cup sour cream
1 cup cream cheese / curd cheese (or Quark)
salt & pepper

In a pan roast gently three tablespoons of sesame seeds. When they have a nice golden colour put them aside and add three tablespoons of poppy seeds and some unroastest sesame seeds.

Tomato and cream cheese dip
Tomato and cream cheese dip

Heat the brown sugar and some honey. Add honey until you like the consistency – MC Idées tells you to use 45 g – and let it get to a caramel texture which takes about five minutes. Wash the tomatoes and add them to the caramel mixture. Let them in the pan for a short time only, start getting them out and roll them in the seeds mix as soon as all the tomatoes are in the pan. Now let them dry and cool down on a sheet of parchment paper.
Appetizer or dessert?
Appetizer or dessert?

Mix the cream cheese and sour cream and add salt and pepper to your taste. Cayenne is also a good idea. Eat warm or cool or anything in between. And then tell us what you think! ~Anna~


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