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Hettys 25 things do to before 26

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweetest co-blogger, have a wonderful day! You are so special and one of the best friends a girl can ask for. Cheers to many more years of friendship and blogging together, my dear! ❤ Anna

Happy Birthday Hetty!
Happy Birthday Hetty!

Here is Hettys list:

"Today I’m turning 25. Seems it’s time to show you what I have planned for my next year.

1. Move to France
2. Create a cozy room with DIY
3. Do a before/after tour of my first very own flat
4. Learn crocheting
5. Knit/crochet a blanket
6. Be more bold when it comes to fashion
7. Visit at least one new country
8. Get rid of that false blond in my hair
9. Go power walking more often again
10. Talk Spanish with my boyfriend more often
11. Watch a Spanish film and understand it
12. Go hiking in the Jura
13. Finish studying
14. Get prepared for some important decisions
15. Write postcards to 25 people
16. Make a dish which includes the three C’s of Normandy
17. Have a romantic dinner in Paris
18. Visit the Mont Saint-Michel
19. Start a pizza Sunday
20. Don’t spend that much money on clothes
21. Be more conscious towards my environment – meaning the natural environment aka nature
22. Marinade my tofu in a way so that I actually like it
23. Have at least one free evening per week when studying
24. Go salsa dancing
25. Sew a dress that is way too complicated for me 😉 "

Ice coffee for two
Ice coffee for two

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