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Myrtilles plus martini makes: Myrtini!


Myrtilles plus martini makes: Myrtini! And Myrtini is Hettys birthday cocktail. Myrtille is French for blueberries and that’s exactly what we put in this cocktail. Howcome you don’t see any blueberrys? There is crème de myrtilles in it (yes, those crèmes are our favorite cocktail ingredients), known to the English speaking world as blueberry liqueur. We loved the cocktail the evening we put it together for the first time and we are going to love it tonight when we are drinking it to celebrate Hetty.
Making a Myrtini
Making a Myrtini

Myrtini (makes one)

3 tablespoons of lemon syrup
Martini bianco
splash of crème de myrtilles

A drop of syrup
A drop of syrup

How to
Pour some homemade lemon syrup into your glass or measure with a tablespoon – it really only depends on your sweet tooth. Fill with Martini bianco and add a splash of crème de myrtilles aka blueberry liqueur. Garnish with blueberries and lemon zest. Cheers!
Pouring blueberry liqueur
Pouring blueberry liqueur

Are you going to make any cocktails this weekend? Have a fun time! ~Anna~


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