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Top with fabric attached: DIY dress

hetty first dress
On Pinterest some weeks ago, I found this dress on Sweet Verbena Katy, the blogger, is from Texas and always had super-easy and beautiful sewing projects. So super for me, as I’m a total noob when it comes to sewing. You might have seen the pillow cases I did for my boyfriend. They came out quite good, but let’s be honest: Everyone could do that much of sewing. But enough of this self-pity. Seeing the tutorial on the tank dress made me confident I could also do something more fun and more exciting than pillow cases.
hetty top fabric dress
I had a cute rose top in my wardrobe that I hadn’t been wearing for quite a while now as it was just too short. In my sister’s fabric stack I also found some very dark greenish tissue that was long enough for my purposes.

I started with cutting the top a little bit below my natural waist. Then I measured elastic strap and cut it off about 4 cm longer than it would have to be to match the range of the top. I sew the two ends of the elastic strap together with about 4 cm overlap and then I sew it to the end of the cut-off top. During this step, you always need to stretch the elastic. Otherwise it would simply burst the stitching afterwards if you tried it on.
Now I cut the dark fabric into a piece that measured about 70×120 cm. The length and width is totally up to own preferences. Just make sure that the fabric is wide enough for your hips and add a little bit extra to allow for gathering.

The next step was to close the skirt part at the side – just sew it together, left sides out. After that I sew two lines around the upper part of the skirt, about 1 and 1,5 cm next to the seam. I did this with a very wide stitch and didn’t secure the beginning and end. Then, by pulling on one of the strings of each round, I gathered the skirt to the desired width. In a final step, I sew it on to the top. If needed, the yarn from the gathering stitches can be removed as they are not useful anymore.
So, finished!
beginner sewing project dress
I was really happy having finished this dress, my first “real” sewing project. But then, when I put on the dress, I sadly noticed that this whole tutorial doesn’t seem to work out with just every top. Even though the fabrics of the top and the skirt were of about the same quality and thickness, the skirt fabric was too heavy for the top. In this case, the dress looked very weird. So for me, the only possibility to wear this dress is to use a waist-belt, which can be quite uncomfortable in hot weather…

So, if you wanna try out this tutorial by Sweet Verbena, pay attention on the fabrics you are using. I’m sure that you can get really nice results, but for me it did not work out perfectly.

Nevertheless, check out for yourself how you like my version of this top and skirt dress! ~Hetty~


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