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Pinboards from trivets and an embroidered map

Coucou, I just want to show you real quick what I gave Hetty for her birthday, all diy of course…

Stitched route of road trip
Stitched route of road trip

I had seen this pin of a Martha Stewart project all the way back in march and decided, I had to stitch the route of the road trip Hetty, Isi and I took last year along the mediterranean coast of France. I bought an ancient map of France on ebay and stitched our route. I started in Geneva and then went down to Montpellier and along our stops on the coast to Nice and Monaco and back. I used the map as it was and just placed strips of tape on the backside where I would be stitching. I also secured the stitches with tape after every single one.
Le Havre
Le Havre

The cities we visited I marked with little embroidered hearts and Le Havre where Hetty will soon be moving got a little yellow star: “You are here”. Doing all the embroidery took me about two hours. While doing the hearts I really felt like giving up because the thread tore the paper here and there, but hanging in there was well worth it. I chose a sea-blue/turquoise frame to make the maps colors pop and used one of our favorite photos from the trip as a background.

Here is Marthas result

I also liked these circular Ikea cork trivets repurposed as pinboards My ideal was to cover them with fabric as shown here but instead of using the glue gun I went for the stapler. Yes, the little desk/household one, not the big for you use for furniture!

Bulletin boards
Bulletin boards

For the round bulletin boards cut out circles of fabric at least three fingers width bigger than the cork. Stitch around them with a long thread in a hand stitch. Knot one end, hold on to the other and tear into a circular shape around the cork board. Assemble the fabric nicely so it is flat – no folds – on the front. Get to work with the stapler all around the edges. I did the four directions first and then filled in the gaps. Now decorate with clothes elastics and satin ribbon that you staple to the back of the cork board as well. Add buttons for decor and pins for later use. Loved making them and loved giving them and since I love everything about them I just have to make some for myself now. ~Anna~

You can see the tutorial for the canvas Hetty gave me for my birthday and also a recipe for making garlic infused oil


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