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Tomato granita – frozen tomato appetizer

Tomato granita
Tomato granita

We could have called July’s veggie of the month section the “too good to be true” series. Here’s why: Tomato granita. In other words: frozen tomato with an immense basil taste. Sounds yummy? Read on.

Imagine a popsicle with basil taste. I could not really imagine this but I was intrigued by the thought, so I tried.

Frozen tomato appetizer
Frozen tomato appetizer

Tomato Granita
500 g ripe tomatoes
basil leaves, one hand full
salt & pepper

making tomato granita

How to

Place the tomatoes in a heat resistant bowl and pour boling water on top. Let them sit for a little while and peel them. When they are ripe and have sat in the water long enough this goes fairly quick.

Take of the stem bits and chop the tomatoes with the food processor. Add a pinch of sugar and some more salt. You might want to use a bit of pepper, too. Chop the basil leaves and add them to the tomato mesh.
tomato granita glass
Pour the mixture in a metal bowl and freeze. To serve just scrape off ice crystals. The BBQ guests were impressed with this starter. And Hetty and me were, too… ~Anna~

This july we had tomatoes in many shapes and sizes, haha… divine caramelized tomatoes Coeur de boeuf tomato salad
cherry tomatoes on pizza cute ladybug crackers and then there was earlier tomato soufflé


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