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A purple french root: Growing navets

Navet - the purple root
Navet – the purple root

And once again I am throwing french words at you…. This time I’m talking about navets, some kind of beet that it very common in French supermarkets. At least the ones I went to when I lived there… I really enjoyed this vegetable a lot, but unfortunately I never found them in German supermarkets, not even in the organic ones. So when I went to see my boyfriend in February, I bought two sachets of navet seeds. I already did this one year before and offered them to my grandpa, but sadly they didn’t really grow. This year I hoped for a better outcome…
Navet seeds
Navet seeds

At some point in spring when it wasn’t THAT cold anymore, my grandpa and me (you see, I’m not really experienced when it comes to gardening, so I always ask my grandpa, who has ten green thumbs) started to sow out the seeds. First in little containers but later on we put them directly into the ground soil.

While I was busy with uni, I didn’t really pay attention to how they developed, I just asked my grandpa from time to time and his answer always was: Let’s see…

Growing navets
Growing navets

So at some point round June I sneaked away from my exam revision and went to see a little surprise. My navets had already grown a lot. I would’ve never imagined them being already so well developed. Quite a nice surprise.

And now they are actually ready for harvesting, though some of the smaller ones still need some more time. But you can’t eat them all at once, can you?

Do you also grow food or did you try to? Feel free to share your stories

French navets
French navets

PS: I you were expecting advice on how to grow your own vegetables, I must disappoint you. I am really not the person who should give gardening advice, as I always need to ask for help myself. But maybe sometime I will manage on my own – I’ll give you an update then…


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  1. Bei mir wächst vorallem Unkraut…aber irgendwie alles andere was ich probiert hab will nicht wachsen. Also so bald du deine Tipps parat hast bitte teilen 🙂

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