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Dominos cat pillow


So, I know how to sew and I love cats, especially my big and fluffy maincoone Mister called Domino. He loves to sleep and he likes to do so on anything softer than a hardwood floor. The living room carpet will do as far as he’s concerned but it is always better if there’s a pair of slippers, too. I have also seen it my friends cat do, sleep on my sandals and espadrilles even. For those times when there are no shoes around the room – which is most of the time – I made the lazy (can’t blame him) mister his own cuddly pillow.
A handmade cat pillow
A handmade cat pillow

Cat pillow
big piece of cotton fabric
quilt batting or wadding
sewing machine

I cut a big (thought so until Domino first lay on it) rectangular piece of cotton fabric – I used the plain kind you get for close to nothing at Ikea. I folded it lengthwise in half and cut a piece of batting the size of the cotton. You could also use two layers or more of batting, depending on how thick you want the pillow to be. I placed the piece of batting on the outside of my folded fabric and sewed the three seams leaving open a four inch (10 cm) gap to turn the pillow. Then I turned the whole thing, so the batting was inside the pillow.

Sleepy kitty
Sleepy kitty

Instead of handstitching the opening (upper left hand corner of the pillow) I did what had already worked for my placemats and just startet quilting so close to the edge that the gap would be closed. Than I did my fun quilting making a “frame” and sewing his name. Domino. For those of you familiar with german christmas candy, these colours are why he has his name. Does he not look like one (except for the chocolate coating)? ~Anna~

2 thoughts on “Dominos cat pillow”

  1. Das wäre vielleicht ein tolles Geburtstagsgeschenk für die Minoes (15 Dezember wird sie schon 6 Jahre)
    Kann ich da eins bei dir vorbestellen?

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