Hetty, Studio

Happy hippie headbands

Usually we’re not really hippies. But when I decided to not use these textile ribbons for their original purpose, another idea came to my mind.

Happy hippie
Happy hippie

So I grabbed some elastic band, measured the circumference of my head (at the place where I wanted to wear this headband), cut off the textile ribbon at about 15 cm less than what I had measured, cut off about 20 cm of the elastic band and sewed it all together.
Hippie headband
Hippie headband

In my case, the textile ribbon was about 45 cm long and the elastic band about 20 cm. When sewing the two together, I folded back 0,5 cm of the textile ribbon, placed it on the elastic with a 2 cm overlap, and sewed two lines across the ribbon. The double sewing helps to get the headband more stable and gives it a better form. I did the same thing for the other side, and ready was the hippie headband!

In the foto Anna is wearing the headband. I must say, it looks really good, even though we’re not hippies 😉 ~Hetty~


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