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Couscous à la Anabela

Couscous Anabela style
Couscous Anabela style

Being in France has taught me many things. Surely not the most important one, but definitively a good one is the delicious Couscous my hostmum always did. Merci beaucoup Anabela pour me montrer ce plat délicieux!

Coucous with navets à la Anabela (serves 4 people)
500g couscous grains
6 middle sized carrots
6 middle sized navets
2 small zucchinis
Some Harissa
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
Couscous spices (premade mixture)

Peel the carrots and navets. Cut the carrots into long slices that have approximately the size of your little finger. Cut the navets into cubes of about 3×3 cms. Wash and cut the zucchinis into slices about the same size as the carrots.

Veggies for couscous
Veggies for couscous

Heat some olive oil in a big pot. Add the carrots and navets and let steam for some minutes. Add salt while stirring. If needed turn down the heat a little bit. When the carrots and navets have gotten softer, add the zucchinis. Add some Harissa (according to your gusto, but be aware, it’s really spicy) and season with the couscous spices, salt and pepper.

After about five more minutes add 500 ml water. Boil and then let cook until the veggies are soft enough.
In the meantime boil some water. Put the couscous grains into a big bowl and add water according to the instructions on the package. Anabela’s recipe for the grains is much different, but unfortunately I don’t have the necessary equipment…

Couscous with navets
Couscous with navets

When the grains and the couscous sauce are ready, first put the grains and then the sauce on a deep plate. Enjoy! ~Hetty~

More recipes from France? Anna has learned how to make a beetroot appetizer , a healthy salad seasening and how to make bread from einkorn flour from her hostmum 🙂


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