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Kimono jacket: 3 ways to wear it

Hooray, finally it is here. We proudly present our first “3 ways to wear it”!

This was something that was on our list for a veeeeery long time and now we’ve actually found the time to do so.
The kimono jacket is an item I made according to a Zara jacket I’ve had in my closet. We’ll share a tutorial on how to do this soon.

Dressed up
Dressed up

Hetty: The first look is a party outfit. Dress and necklace: H&M, Boots: Vagabond.
Anna: To me this is a formal yet sensual way of wearing the kimono jacket as I find it way dressed up with the short’n’sexy dress and the boots. This has to be a dressy party or an event where you want to dress to impress.

Dressed down
Dressed down

Hetty: The second look can be worn to an after-work dinner or to a bar. Jeans and top: H&M, Shoes: Gerry Weber, Glasses: RayBan.
Anna: I would totally go to the office wearing the kimono jacket with skinny pants and a top like this. I would feel “dressed” but the combination is still light and casual. With smart shoes it could be an outfit for a job interview in a creative work environment as well.

Dressed hippie-like
Dressed hippie-like

Hetty: The third one is our favourite and a casual look for the weekend. Jeans-Shorts: Vero Moda, Shirt: made in Africa, Necklace and Hat: Gina Tricot. Shoes (not in the picture): White Converse.
Anna: Amazing how the patterns work together! I love this and see myself (or more likely Hetty) wearing it to picnics, (informal) parties and at the beach. Also on city trips this would be great and why not go on a date like this? We can be hippies , too!

Why have we waited so long to do this? It is so much fun! ~Hetty~

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