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My favorite musli of the moment: Fig-Sesame-Einkorn flakes

Fig musli with lemon yoghurt
Fig musli with lemon yoghurt

I am a musli kind of girl. It comforts me in the morning, makes me want to get up and is a healthy, quick and nutrious breakfast. There are several store bought kinds that I like, but I decided earlier this year to make my own from now on, in order to know what’s in it, as in how much sugar, and to save a dime or two. The amount I make usually lasts for about a week because the pot that I prefer to make my musli in just holds this amount of oat flakes. So it totally is up to each and every one how much musli you can make. Also it really is easy and I love to play with different sorts of fruit and flakes. The classic approach are oats and I always incorporate those. Since I found einkorn flakes at the store some time ago, they are part of my musli as well.

Nowadays a must for me is coconut oil. Read about the benefits of coconut oil on Wellness Mama. It helps you lose weight, be more energized and boosts circulation, which will be great once colder days arrive. To tell you before you turn away: I have been on a diet including coconut oil for the past two years without knowing the benefits when I started (my host family in France used coconut oil) I can feel a difference in energy levels, the way my skin looks and my overall well-being at times that I include coconut oil in my alimentation and and when not. Since it is a significant difference I decided to make my musli only with coconut oil instead of other oils that I have mentioned in my earlier granola recipes

Fig-Sesame-Einkorn flakes musli
einkorn flakes (they really are Urkorn flakes, but I do not find a translation for this)
dried figs
seseame seeds
100 g of chocolate (couverture works fine)
coconut oil

Heat two tablespoons of coconut oil in a pot and add 300 g oats and about 150 g einkorn flakes.
Note: I used a half and half mix of flakes and I would prefer less einkorn, since it needs a LOT of chewing. And I chew thouroughly already.
Stir the flakes in the coconut oil and add another tablespoon of it at your measure. Add the chocolate in pieces. Use more or less according to your sweet tooth since this will be the only sugar apart from the figs. Generously add sesame seeds (maybe about a cup of them?). Chop up about 200 g of dried figs, cube them, slice them or cut quarters, any way you like. And stir the musli over medium heat until the chocolate has melted and combined with the oats. When the sesame is spread troughout the mixture and the figs seem to have shrunk some more I turn off the heat and let the pan sit on the stove until everything has cooled off. I skip the baking which I did for a crunchier musli before, read about it here

Fig musli with sesame seeds
Fig musli with sesame seeds

Store in an airtight container and serve with milk, yoghurt or whatever takes your fancy. I like to eat my musli with additional fresh fruit when time allows me to do so. Now I could go right back to having breakfast. ~Anna~


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