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Pretty front door decor in 5 minutes: My summer flower wreath

A floral wreath
A floral wreath

Hi there, can you feel fall approaching, too? I’d like to keep summer a little longer on the front door and made an easy peasy wreath from fresh late summer flowers. Yes, it is a little crooked and more egg-shaped than round, but let’s pretend that was the look I was going for. My parents have these long-stemmed coneflower look-a-likes in their front yard and I had looked at them all weekend long wondering when I would put a bunch of them into a wreath. Turns out today (read: yesterday) was the day. Right now I feel like blogging toute de suite about the things I do. Even though I have a big pile of projects ready to show you, believe me.

My mum and I have been making advent wreaths for many years now and we have tried and tested several techniques already. Here I wanted something quick and easy, without a bunch of supplies you might not have on hand. Plus I love the rustic look of this rope so there is no need hiding it. This means I basically worked with the flowers and the thin rope, I did not even use the scissors in the end.

Supplies for a flower wreath
Supplies for a flower wreath

flowers with longish stems
cord / thin rope
possibly scissors

Cut a bunch of flowers at about the lenght of your hand from fingertips to wrist. Cut one stem of flowers long, mine was about the lenght of my arm. Take the long stem and tie the rope around it and secure with a knot where the smaller stems bearing the blossoms end. Take a look at the photos if this is unclear…

How to make a floral wreath
How to make a floral wreath

Put the first shorter flowers onto the long stem, tie the rope around three times and add the next flower. Go on like this until the end of the longer stem. At this stage I found the loop I could form with the flower “stick” too small so I added more flowers tying the rope thrice directly under the blossom. This way I extended the line of flowers until I had used all my cut stems. Then I gently bend them into a circle to form a wreath. I tied the cord around it some more times until it felt steady and used it to hang the wreath. Thus no cutting in my project.

There you go, a floral wreath. Yes, it is egg-shaped and does look far from something a florist would concoct, and yet I am sooo happy with my summer flower wreath. What do you think? ~Anna~


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