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Sweet tomato of mine: Tomato jam with vanilla à la Marie Claire Idées

Sweet tomato jam
Sweet tomato jam

I had never ever thought of tomatoes as something to make anything sweet of. Then there were those caramelized tomatoes and also frozen tomato granita (not sweet but unusual) so when I stumbled upon confiture tomate-vanille on Marie Claire Idées I was hooked. I ordered a three kilo basket of tomatoes with the other veggies that I have delivered to my doorstep each week and there it went.
Jelly made from tomatoes
Jelly made from tomatoes

Marie Claire Idées suggests this as a dessert but it comes in handy for a super duper spanish appetizer, too. Yes, we’ll show you. Once you made your tomato jam…

Vanilla-Tomato-Jam adapted from here
800 g tomatoes, ripe and juicy
450 g sugar
vanilla extract or one vanilla bean /pod

Dessert or appetizer?
Dessert or appetizer?

Wash the tomatoes and peel them by pouring boiling hot water over them, rinsing them ice cold and then taking the paring off. Cut the tomatoes in half, take off the core and put them in a pot. Cook them with the sugar and either less than one teaspoon of vanilla extract or one vanilla bean broken in halves. Let simmer for 30 minutes on low heat.

Via a sieve seperate the tomatoes from the syrup. Cook the syrup again for 20 minutes. Then add the tomatoes to the syrup and cook together for another 10 minutes.

Tomato jam
Tomato jam

Pour the mixture in sterilized jars, close and turn upside-down. From my experience this makes two big jars of jam that is not very gelled and tastes heavenly.
Not long until we publish that appetizer: Eggplant, rocket salad and goat’s cheese topped with this. Sounds good? ~Anna~


2 thoughts on “Sweet tomato of mine: Tomato jam with vanilla à la Marie Claire Idées”

  1. Wie könnte man das als Dessert denn servieren? Ich dachte selber als pancake Aufstrich oder vielleicht bei einer Kugel Vanilleeis?

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