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Funny place: Smurf-town Juzcar/Spain

Juzcar in Spain
Juzcar in Spain

As a child I had one favorite GameBoy game: The Smurfs. I could really play it all day long and my parents literally had to play tricks to get me away from it.

At that point in my life I imagined going to smurf-town one day. Many years later, being an Au Pair in France, I actually had to be persuaded to go into the cinema and watch that smurf movie. Going to smurf-town wasn’t on my list anymore at all – so I also didn’t really wanna watch that movie. But what ain’t one doing for kids???

Pueblo pitufo - smurfs in Juzcar
Pueblo pitufo – smurfs in Juzcar

This year in my summer holidays there was what could probably be called the cherry on top of my smurf history: I actually did go to smurf-town. Wait – does this actually exist? Yes it does. Well, at least kind of: There is this one town called Juzcar in the South of Spain near Ronda.

Have you ever heard of the white villages, a picturesque region of some villages with white-painted houses? Juzcar used to be one of them. Until one film company paid the inhabitants money so that they painted their houses blue – smurf-blue.

A smurf-blue town in Spain
A smurf-blue town in Spain

My boyfriend and me came across this village when we visited the region. The white villages were really beautiful and picturesque. But Juzcar just wasn’t! Smurf-blue is such an ugly colour. And they painted everything in this awful shade, even the church and the graveyard.

Well, I can understand why the people agreed to paint their houses. Obviously there were many more tourists in Juzcar than in any of the other villages we visited. No one can deny that it actually does good for the people in Juzcar as it stimulates their local economy, which is very difficult in Spain right now, as we all know.

Smurf town
Smurf town

Still, I imagined my visit to smurf-town very differently as a child. Funny! Did you visit any funny places in your summer holidays? ~Hetty~


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